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  • Littles World Toy Selection Tips


    Many parents find it difficult to choose littles world toys for their children. This article will give you some tips for picking small world toys. Firstly, the physical properties, inflammable properties and material elements of toys will be analyzed. Read More

  • Doll house trends in 2023


    This year, the Spielwarenmesse 2023 in Germany opened on February 1. The offline exhibition returned after two years of suspension, attracting wide attention from the toy industry. Read More

  • Dollhouse In The Plays


    Not only children around the world have been crazy about dollhouses since they came into existence, but also adults who are full of fantasies. As a result, various shows about dollhouse began to appear wildly from the 21st century, the most famous of which is the American TV series Dollhouse. Read More

  • The Origins Of The Dollhouse


    Miniature houses have been around for thousands of years, containing household items and residents, including people and animals. The earliest known example was found in the tomb of an ancient Egyptian king, built nearly 5,000 years ago. Read More

  • The Reason Why Doll Houses Are More Attractive To Girls


    According to traditional developmental psychology, human juveniles acquire gender-specific behaviors mainly through learning and imitating others’behaviors, and then begin to develop their own gender cognition in the cognitive development process, such as blue for boys and pink for girls; Boys like cars, guns, girls like dolls, dollhouses, etc. Read More

  • The Distinction Between Different Dollhouse Materials


    The specific techniques of dollhouse, as a category of arts and crafts, are related to the basic conditions that pocket art must follow. Read More

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