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Doll house trends in 2023

Views: 65     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-03-13      Origin: Site

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This year, the Spielwarenmesse 2023 in Germany opened on February 1. The offline exhibition returned after two years of suspension, attracting wide attention from the toy industry. The winners of the annual Nuremberg Toy Awards were announced at the beginning of the show, showing the latest product ideas, design ideas and fashion trends in the industry. The top 10 dollhouse brands in the market and sales data can be combined to analyze the trend of dollhouse in 2023.

Different from traditional thinking, the official of Nuremberg Toy Fair believes that the consumers of toys are not only infants, but also older children and even adults. Therefore, dollhouse should pay more attention to explore the market of multiple age groups, the consumers can be as small as a newborn baby, as big as adults, so the design level needs diversified models to support.

wooden dollhouse

Judging from the award-winning and nominated products, the brands have made efforts to encourage diversified exploration, upgrade intelligent interactive experience, and expand features and scene details, showing a new trend in the development of the global industry.

1. experimental and interesting integration, encourage diversified exploration.

Encouraging exploration is always the focus of creative design of new toys. Many of the winners and nominees at this year's Nuremberg Toy Awards take this perspective and guide children to explore through clever play, gain knowledge through play, develop concentration and enhance thinking skills.

2. Extensive application of new technologies to expand intelligent interaction space.

The new development of intelligent technology creates more wonderful interactive experience for toy products. Many of the winners and nominees at the Nuremberg Toy Awards are using new technologies to create a unique sense of fun.

3. Innovate functions and gameplay to upgrade play experience.

Winners and finalists at this year's Nuremberg Toy Awards have distinguished themselves from their peers by paying more attention to detail in the design of popular themes such as space and architecture, and by further expanding the functionality and gameplay.

The popular trend of dollhouse in 2023 can also be revealed. 

It is necessary to strengthen the fun and guiding exploration function of dollhouse design, integrate some new technologies into it, innovate functions and gameplay, and let dollhouse users experience more fun.

wooden dollhouse

Wooden toys are considered one of the most important elements of early child development. The Nuremberg Toy Fair not only showcased classic wooden toys, but also represented current trends in the toy market, such as products made of cardboard and cork. Sustainability, durability and high educational value are common characteristics of wooden toys and toys made from natural materials. Sustainable products and toys are now more popular than ever. The many different choices of wood in combination with other materials, as a renewable resource or other natural product, create an ideal basis for creative innovation.

In the future, the development direction of dollhouse must be based on sustainable materials such as wood. Magicolor's wooden dollhouse also upholds the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development, and on this basis, brings more toys that meet the market demand for consumers.

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