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Why Choose Us

We highly focus on our product quality and safety, each product will be under fully inspection for every steps base on Quality standard ISO9001 before delivery.


We have a very professional team with more than 20 years of industry experience to provide product production. We will fully understand the needs of the market, and learn about the latest product trends as well as the needs of different customers to keep up with market trends.

High Standard

We all have strict management of raw materials, production and sales processes. We are a toy supplier with a complete supply chain system and we have very high standards for quality. At the same time, we have more than 50 product patents and nearly 30 product R&D patents. 

Integrate The Supply Chain

We have a very strong and complete supply chain management system so that we can provide customers with any solutions, whether it’s a single or a complete set of product solutions, we can provide it to customers at the lowest cost.

Personalized MOQ

We have our warehouse and flexible order production mechanism, so for some products, we can provide personalized MOQ services, so that more customers can experience the quality of our products and professional services.

Product Quality

Our products have passed the tests of various certification systems. The raw materials we use have the highest quality, the production equipment is quite advanced, and every product sold to the market is strictly tested.

Direct Sales

We have our production base, instead of other companies being responsible for our product production and sales, so that we can provide customers with the best products and best services to meet customers’ different needs.

Full Category Of Products

We have a lot of product categories provided for customers. At the same time, because we have very strong product development and production capabilities, we can provide customers with customized products to meet their special needs.

Complete Service System

Our service team is very strong. From the early product solutions, the cooperation process to after-sales service, we can solve all problems for our customers in time. We are rooted in product innovation .We invest on new design and launch new products every season.


Our products have passed strict safety certification. From the raw materials to the production process to the final product, they all meet various testing standards. We have multiple certificates so that customers who use our products can rest assured.

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