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Dollhouse Gives Children a Sense Of Belonging

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The use of a dollhouse for emotional guidance is very important at an age when the child has not developed systematic thinking. Emotional guidance is when parents help children understand emotions, relationships, social behavior, and the world in which they live, and teach them emotional rules so that they know how to recognize emotions and express them in appropriate ways. 

Emotional guidance is especially important when children are emotional or when they encounter strong emotions that are difficult to understand and express.

Every parent wants their child to be happy, but whether this can be achieved depends on whether the child is brought up as a truly capable person and whether he or she can gain a sense of belonging. 

If a child wants to become a capable person, he or she must possess seven senses and skills:

1. Your perception of your abilities -- "I can do it."

2. A sense of your own value in important relationships -- "My contributions are valuable and I'm really needed."

3. A sense of your own power or influence in life -- "I can influence what happens to me".

4. Introspection ability, able to understand personal emotions and use this understanding to achieve self-discipline and self-control.

5. Interpersonal skills, good at working with others and building friendships based on communication, collaboration, negotiation, sharing, empathy and listening.

6. A holistic approach to the constraints and consequences of daily life with responsibility, adaptability, flexibility and integrity.

7. Good judgment skills, use intelligence, and evaluate situations based on appropriate values.

wooden dollhouse

Dollhouse provides emotional guidance while giving children a sense of belonging when they realize their self-worth.

Dollhouses for emotional guidance are made of polished wood. The wood is a warm and soft material that contrasts with the color and texture of the synthetic Mosaic. I recommend that parents accompany their children into the world of dollhouses.

It has been proven over time that only by learning the valuable life skills necessary for good character and developing a sense of responsibility in an atmosphere of kindness and firmness, dignity and respect, can a child be equipped with these seven important perceptions and skills to face life's many challenges and issues with ease.

The company of parents is the biggest source for children to get a sense of belonging, and the reason why children can also get a sense of belonging is that children imagine the dollhouse as their own home and live in it with their parents, infusing the desire for warmth and yearning for beauty.

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