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The Design Inspiration Of The Dollhouse

Views: 62     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-03-27      Origin: Site

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Remember the toys that accompanied our childhood? 

Like marbles, Super Mari, Tamagotchi, and so on, there are many toys that are still fun for us as adults today. In today's environment with the gradual improvement of intelligent technology and public beauty, the design of dollhouse has already gone beyond our imagination.

What is a dollhouse?

The exclusive property of the aristocracy, or the luxury of the rich;

Is it the work of a master artist or a gift from a parent to a child;

An adult's treasure or a child's plaything;

Is the auction house miniature pocket, or ordinary household supplies;

Is it for children's entertainment or educational AIDS...

In fact, for more than 500 years of dollhouse existence, these definitions belong to dollhouse.

dollhouse and a girl

The real point of designing a dollhouse is to know how to experience a child's life and emotions.

It is very important for designers to integrate the understanding of aesthetics into the problems of convenience or functionality that they encounter in life. The idea of designing a dollhouse and taking a stand should be to make the product more reasonable and more valuable. Appropriate design is more meaningful for children, rather than designers to pursue a minimalist or complex design form.

In fact, daily life can bring us endless inspiration, but we are simply interested in the things around us, not to understand it, from different dimensions to examine it, that is to say, most of the time we lack the ability to explore inspiration, inspiration is not sudden, but need to explore.

The design of the dollhouse is inspired by the thoughts of everyone closest to life.

Everyone must yearn for a warm home when he was a child. Even when I grew up, I was still full of longing when I recalled my childhood. The appearance of dollhouse may fill the blank of adults' dreams of their childhood, or enrich their dream home. 

As for children, they are full of expectations for the future and imagine themselves as a little doll living in a doll's house. They plant the seeds of dreams in their hearts and gradually become a warm and kind person.

Life without design, design comes from life. Designing a dollhouse is a long road. In addition to professional knowledge, one needs to exert one's imagination and always pay attention to the various needs of children in the modern society, so as to create a dollhouse that people will want to buy and infuse design inspiration into it. Then this dollhouse becomes a house with emotions.

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