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How To Choose The Dollhouse That Children Love

Views: 71     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-04-04      Origin: Site

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Think about how many toys you've bought your child since birth. Are there a lot of toys that are put away after playing for a while, but these toys are relatively expensive, a variety of toys emerge endlessly, dazzling, but toys are indispensable for the growth of children, this article will take dollhouse as an example to introduce.

How to buy a doll's house with limited funds? This article gives you the answer.

Principle 1: Develop adaptability

Toys to adapt to children of different ages, different temperament. For example, children under 3 years old are suitable for playing bright colors, simple and clear cards, blocks and other toys that are not strong. Dollhouse is something that requires a lot of thinking, so it is more suitable for children over the age of 3.

Many parenting books provide appropriate descriptions of the physical and mental development characteristics of children at different ages, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics Parenting Encyclopedia, which is recommended by many people. However, I find that different books have inconsistent descriptions of children at the same age. Therefore, I suggest parents pay more attention to their child's developmental characteristics, what he likes to play recently, And buy a doll's house in whatever style he likes.

wooden dollhouse

Principle 2: Durability

The most important thing for children is resistance to falling, tearing, biting and water. After all, a stronger toy can also be played for a longer time. And many babies like a toy as a friend, will carry it everywhere, even accompany it for years. If you buy poor quality, easy to break, faded toys, children play for a short time, toys damaged children will also get bad mood.

Therefore, wooden dollhouses are more consistent with the need for durability. Can accompany children for a long time, let children treat the doll house as their growth partner, so as to maintain long-term love and interest.

Principle 3: The child's personal characteristics and interests

Every child is different, so parents should pay attention to what their children like, and then buy the most favorite doll house that suits their children's style. For example, some children especially like princesses, parents can choose a castle style doll house, children will be into the castle into the beautiful princess, the interest in the doll house will be very strong. What's more, the toys children like can be bought expensive and better quality, so they can play for a longer time.

When it comes to choosing a dollhouse, parents don't just have to choose from big international brands, and the more expensive the better. 

girl plays dollhouse

I think parents can choose the toys within their own ability, and can also choose to make toys with the baby.

Magicolor is a brand that pays attention to the quality of wooden dollhouse, hoping to bring children a better world, making children's favorite toys, if parents need to visit our website can choose at will.

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