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Dollhouse In The Plays

Views: 79     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-03-08      Origin: Site

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Not only children around the world have been crazy about dollhouses since they came into existence, but also adults who are full of fantasies. As a result, various shows about dollhouse began to appear wildly from the 21st century, the most famous of which is the American TV series Dollhouse.

Dollhouse is a science fiction movie. And“Dollhouse”is another name for a secret high-tech laboratory. 

Echo and others are Dolls or Actives in the laboratory. They had their memories erased, their personalities erased, and when they performed the task, their brains were implanted with the personality, the memory, the skills, and the language appropriate to the task. 

The mission is erased, as if initialized, and returned to its original state, like an innocent child. The story takes place after the erasure of the memory Echo has become self-aware.

The story follows an "active body" named Echo, who is part of an underground illegal private organization that creates "organisms" that can be erased from their memories and elevated to "new objects," so they are rented by some rich or powerful people, and each time they are rented, they appear in a new guise. And will be in accordance with customer requirements to do anything; Whether as a lover, an assassin, a client representative, or a good friend, the "activists" simply follow the instructions they're given. 

Echo is hired as a negotiator to save a businessman's daughter, and FBI Special Agent Paul Ballard gets involved.

In this play, the dollhouse is not a positive image, and in most plays, the dollhouse is a negative, scary image.

On the one hand, the dollhouse originated in ancient Europe, a time when Europe was shrouded in dark events and a decadent feudal system bound people's minds, this idea has always influenced people's view of the period. Another reason is that the dollhouse was not originally intended for children to play with. In the eyes of adults, the dollhouse is a world without ideas. Whatever way it exists is assumed by the human mind.

wooden dollhouse

But when the time enters 2010, more and more dolls' house cartoons appear in children's vision. In the stories of these cartoons, the dollhouse is a world full of beauty and fantasy.

Gabby's Dollhouse has a little girl named Gabby who lives in a cute world of magic with a bunch of cute kittens. This story not only makes children yearn for Gabby's dollhouse, but also sows a seed of fantasy in their hearts, which is exactly the meaning of the existence of dollhouse. 

I don't think the doll house is scary because it is a cold world. I also don't fear the doll figures without self-consciousness in the doll house. Everything in the fantasy world is made up of human dreams.

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