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Packaging Details

Magicolor's toys will be packaged in sturdy boxes to protect them from damage during shipping.
The packaging box should be made of environmentally friendly materials and meet relevant safety and quality standards. The box will marked with the product name, model number, date of manufacture, age range of use and relevant safety warning information. We will printing its brand logo and other special designs on the box to improve brand recognition and the user's buying experience.


Prior to shipping, Our toys should will adequately inspected to ensure that there is no damage or defects.
During shipping, wooden toys should be placed in a stable position to avoid shaking and bumping.
If needed, suitable padding and packaging materials can be used to protect the product.
Boxes in transit should be marked with warnings such as "handle lightly" or "fragile" to remind handling personnel to handle the product lightly.

Overall, We will pay attention to the details of product packaging and shipping to ensure that its toys remain intact during shipping and upon arrival at their destination, providing the best user experience.

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