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Production Process

Wenzhou Magicolor Toys Co., Ltd. specialize in wooden toys since 2002, there are over 5000 different wooden kitchen toy,wooden doll house,wooden small eudcational toys on catalogue.

Lumberjack picks and cuts the right tree. And make sure we will have lovely woods in the future by planting a new tree for each tree that is cut
Workers use gangsaw produces timber from the tree .Bandsaw saws little pieces that are the width of our toy from the timber
Skilled workers cuts out arc by arc from the little piece of wood.Sander makes the toy smooth and the corners rounded.Every corner has been rounded nicely to make sure there are no sharp edges.
In the color room ,colorist dips the toy in the color pots.Each coating will dry for 5 hours
Our QC carefully checks everything to make sure only safe toys reach the hands of children.
Workers wraps each toy to make sure it is protected and beautiful looking.Packer carefully packs all the parts of toys in a box so they will not be damaged in shipping.
1. Logging
2. Plant trees to support sustainability
3. Approximate size required for tree cutting
4. Cut small pieces again
5. Grinding and polishing to make the surface smooth
6. Multiple coats of paint, each coat should be allowed to dry for 5 hours.
7. Quality inspection packaging

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