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How To Choose The Right Type Of Littles World Toys For Children

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First we need to think about a few questions, why do we buy toys? Why do children play?

There is a value in nature: "anything not to survive and do the behavior is in the rogue", play must be in order to let children better survival. So we let children play, is to better growth and development, in this complex and colorful but full of routine society to survive.

The most important thing to consider before selecting a small world toy type is the core principle of selecting toys.

Core principles of scientific toy selection:

1. Fun is a toy -- interest is a prerequisite

For children, fun littles world toys can only be called toys, do not play can only be called objects. And you will find that, in fact, most of the time, children do not buy the toys adults buy, explore their own small things in life may be more interesting to children.

Or a lot of times, the child doesn't want to play with the toy the way we want it to play. So let the child play, because what they like is the best, they are interested in, we can find opportunities to further interact with the child.

So when it comes to picking littles world toys, don't force a kitchen toy on your child if she likes a dollhouse.

kitchen toy

2. Try not to buy extra expensive toys unless you feel you need to

Toys are absolutely consumable, children generally do not in accordance with the way adults think to play toys, so children's destructive power to toys is very strong, they will use a way to explore the various physical characteristics of the toy, including the use of throwing, throwing, stepping on, water, so there is no need to buy hundreds or thousands of expensive toys.

Of course, if you feel it is necessary aesthetically, safely, and financially, then this principle does not apply to your family.

3. Don't buy a bunch of toys at once, at least not in front of your kids

Parents often think, "My child is so cute that I want to give him the funniest thing in the world." Such heartfelt love does not help children play with their toys.

Buying all types of littles world toys in one go will certainly win your child's initial gasps, but later you may find that your child dabbles with everything and doesn't want to play with anything. Because the bewildering array of toys makes it impossible for a child to concentrate on a single toy. In the long run, this will not help the child's attention development and may even develop the child's inattentive habits.

In conclusion, these three core principles should be kept in mind when choosing the right type of littles world toys for your child, so that every choice can be the most beneficial for your child.

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