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Littles World Toy Types Suitable For Different Ages

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Cute and naive babies always have unlimited enthusiasm and vitality to play, and toys as children's playmates, how to choose the right toys also let the majority of parents and friends headache. However, for children of different ages, the toy needs are different. But there are several types of toys in Littles World Toys for kids of all ages.

First, we can divide toys into three categories:

1. Life experience: It mainly includes miniature POTS and pans for living in houses

2. Children's early education category: toys containing building blocks and other diverging children's thinking

3. Companion toys: such as plush toys, human dolls, etc

Here we can recommend dollhouse and kitchen toys, two types of littles world toys that cover all three of these needs. The doll house usually has two or three floors and is designed as a number of independent Spaces, which can be bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, etc. Children can experience life by changing the position of the furniture, and at the same time put themselves into it, which helps to strengthen the understanding of the location and order of the space. Kitchen toys have similar characteristics.

Secondly, we need to think about whether these kinds of toys leave enough space for children's imagination and are helpful for children's growth.

1. Whether it can exercise children's various abilities: gross movement, fine movement, touch, hearing, etc

2. Whether the child will be encouraged to use multiple movements at the same time: for example, the need for left and right hand coordination, or hand and foot coordination, hand and eye coordination

3. Whether children are encouraged to communicate with others: pretend games such as toy kitchens and cooperative games such as building houses

The ice cream trolley toy is a littles world toy type that fits the bill. Children think of themselves as an ice cream shop owner, communicating with partners or parents, and learning and exercising in the process of communication.

kitchen toy

This kind of toy is suitable for young children, and gradually mature children can also experience the fun. Toys assist a part of the role of parents. In fact, parents are indispensable in the process of children's play.

Different toys have different use values.

Some toys can help children develop physical coordination, some toys can help children develop intelligence, some toys can help children develop interests, and some toys can help children learn to cooperate in play.

Although there are some types of littles world toys suitable for children of all ages, but in the choice of small world toy types, or according to the actual situation of children, choose toys that meet their needs, which is the most important basis for selection.

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