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The Reason Why Doll Houses Are More Attractive To Girls

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According to traditional developmental psychology, human juveniles acquire gender-specific behaviors mainly through learning and imitating others’behaviors, and then begin to develop their own gender cognition in the cognitive development process, such as blue for boys and pink for girls; Boys like cars, guns, girls like dolls, dollhouses, etc.

Through a series of data from market research and interviews, we can find that doll house and other toys are more attractive to girls.

First of all, gender has an effect on people's character.

From a very early age, children learn that humans are divided into two genders. Believe it or not, studies show that babies as young as 10 to 14 months old already show a preference for certain sports among children of the same sex. Most young boys have higher testosterone levels and most young girls have higher estrogen levels. Therefore, young boys prefer to play Transformers, Ultraman and toy cars, while young girls prefer to play Barbie dolls and Muppets.

Girls are born with a mother's love, and their personality is usually softer, because sensibility gives them a beautiful fantasy of the virtual world. Various types of dollhouses happen to meet their needs to turn fantasy into reality and create their own dream house. In this sense, it is nature that dollhouses are more attractive to girls.

girls play dollhouse

Another important factor is nurture.

Due to universal values and social customs, parents in most societies consciously differentiate the types and even colors of their children's toys. Toy differentiation is a deliberate choice of adults to create different types and deliberately highlight the differences, that is, differentiation. In this process, adult gender bias will be mixed into the process. Adults assume that girls are more sensitive and easy to be upset.

Therefore, in order to cater to this common phenomenon, the design of dollhouse will be more suitable for girls' aesthetics. The colors of pink, white and light yellow, which symbolize beauty and tenderness, can appease girls' soft hearts.

But the toys themselves are genderless, and the idea behind the dollhouse is to bring a dream house to a child. As Magicolor thinks, dollhouse is not only a toy, but also a companion for everyone to grow up, a platform for parents to accompany their children, and a bridge for children to communicate. How to let children in play to establish a correct world view, quickly learn new knowledge, and share more happiness with partners, is the direction of our constant thinking and exploration.

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