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The Distinction Between Different Dollhouse Materials

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The specific techniques of dollhouse, as a category of arts and crafts, are related to the basic conditions that pocket art must follow. First of all, the material. Apart from the general cognition that only a single material is used to make models, the materials used in pocket art must be real materials or substitute materials close to the real thing, and the doll house produced by this standard can have realistic visual effects.

There are two types of doll houses on the market: wood or plastic. 

Next, let's introduce the differences between plastic and wood materials from the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of wood material:

Conducive to environmental protection.

Non-toxic, will not cause harm to children's body.

High density, not easy to damage.

Light weight, suitable for children to play.

Disadvantages of wood material:

The price is relatively expensive.

The patterns printed on toys fade easily

Not easy to shape, can only make simple geometric shapes.

wooden dollhouse

Advantages of plastic material:

Waterproof, light weight, suitable for children to play.

Plastics are cheap to make.

Most plastics have strong corrosion resistance and long service life.

Compared to glass toys, it is not easy to break.

Strong plasticity.

Disadvantages of plastic material:

Some toys are harmful to children and pollute the environment.

Material is brittle, children in play, easy to damage the toy.

plastic dollhouse

It is also important to choose the right material for the dollhouse according to the age of the child.

For children under the age of 6, it is recommended to choose the wooden dollhouse. Babies in this age group have a strong perception of color, and colorful candy color can well cultivate children's awareness of color, while visual beauty can also cultivate children's beauty, improve children's color judgment ability. In addition, wood is not easy to damage, in the hands of young babies can also have a long service life.

Older children have a variety of choices and can choose according to his preferences, the main purpose is to develop the child's hands-on ability. Plastic dollhouses are lighter, so they are more difficult to assemble and can cultivate a child's patience, while wooden dollhouses are easier to assemble and require more recognition of shapes and structures.

Finally, should dollhouses be made of wood or plastic for children?

My answer is that as long as the product isqualified, you can choose, but for children, the wooden dollhouse is a higher priority.

First of all, most of its raw materials come from nature. Compared with other toys, there are fewer chemicals in the ginseng, which is green and environmentally friendly, and it also smells a touch of log smell carefully. At the same time, wooden toys not only look light, delicate, moderate price, color has become colorful, and easy to operate and much loved by parents, friends and children. Therefore,the cleaning and maintenance of the wooden doll house is very convenient, and because there is no synthetic material, so the damage is small, especially suitable for children to play.

Magicolor has a very professional team withmore than 20 years of industry experience to provide wooden toy production. We highly focus on our product quality and safety, each product will be under fully inspection for every steps base on Quality standardISO9001 before delivery. We want to bring toys with high safety to children to the greatest extent possible, so choose our products you can absolutely trust.

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