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Wooden Montessori Toys For Different Ages

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Montessori education is a child-centered approach to education that focuses on developing children's autonomy, creativity and practical abilities. In Montessori education, toys are seen as tools for children's autonomous learning and exploration.

Wooden toys are one of the most common types of Montessori education, as they are not only durable, but also provide opportunities for self-exploration and learning, thus stimulating children's creativity and imagination.

This article introduces several wooden forehead Montessori toys suitable for children according to different age groups:

0-12 months: Wooden rattle

It usually consists of a wooden handle and a number of wooden rings suspended from it. The baby can hold the handle and shake the rattle to make a crisp sound.

This simple wooden Montessori toy can help babies develop hearing and hand-eye coordination. Babies can also learn musical concepts, such as rhythm and pitch, and begin to understand the movement and control of objects during play.

Ages 1-3: Track the ball

A tracking ball was an early wooden Montessori educational toy that had a sphere and a small lane that a child could drop the ball into at one end and watch it roll along the lane before falling to the bottom.

This process can help children learn the basic concepts of movement and physical laws, judge the movement of the sphere, and exercise the ability of eye movement, which lays the foundation for children to learn the use of vehicle toys.

montessori toy

Ages 3-6: Abacus and building blocks.

Abacus toys can help children develop math concepts and math skills. Beads on an abacus can help children perform simple addition and subtraction.

Building blocks can help children develop spatial cognition and creative thinking. Children can use blocks to build houses, castles or other shapes to improve their spatial imagination and modeling skills.

Both wooden Montessori toys are suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 6, introducing them to the rudiments of math and spatial imagination, preparing them for elementary school, where they are also receptive to learning new things.

Ages 6-12: Diverse choice

Children in this age group have received the most basic knowledge education, have their own preliminary understanding of the outside world, and they have their own opinions, so it is necessary to choose a variety of wooden Montessori toys to help children, increase their subjective initiative and self-confidence.

1. Ring tower: It can help children learn size comparison and color recognition. The child exercises hand-eye coordination and attention by passing the ring through the tower in order of size and color.

2. Bead Chess: It can help children learn math and counting. Children need to slide beads into the correct position in the order of numbers to practice math skills and finger flexibility.

3. Kaleidoscope: It helps kids learn colors and shapes. Children can practice visual perception by rotating a kaleidoscope to see different colors and shapes.

4. Board games: They can help children learn calculations, rules and strategy. There are many kinds of board games, such as gobang, Go, chess and so on.

Above, the children from birth to 12 years old are classified according to the age group, and several wooden Montessori toys suitable for different age groups are recommended. Parents can choose Magicolor brand if necessary after browsing, there are many types of wooden Montessori toys for you to choose.

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