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Why Choose Wooden Montessori Toys

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Montessori toys are a popular educational tool that is widely used in the field of children's education. These toys are designed to help children develop their intelligence, creativity and coordination, and to achieve these goals by learning different skills.

There are many kinds of Montessori toys, among which wooden Montessori toys are the most popular. This article will analyze why wooden Montessori toys are chosen.

First, a little historical background on wooden Montessori toys.

Montessori toys are named after Italian doctor Maria Montessori, a famous educator and child psychologist.

Montessori toys began appearing in the early 20th century to help children explore their environment and foster their creativity and imagination in their learning.

The wooden Montessori toy is designed as an educational aid that stimulates children's imagination and creativity and encourages them to explore their environment. The toys are designed to help children develop a variety of skills such as hand-eye coordination, cognitive, language and social skills.

With the spread of Montessori education methods around the world, wooden Montessori toys are becoming more and more important. Today, they have become a must-have educational tool in many kindergartens and children's families.

montessori toy

Advantages of wooden Montessori toys

1. Safety and environmental protection

Wooden Montessori toys are very safe. Wood is safer than synthetic materials such as plastics, which often contain harmful chemicals such as volatile organic compounds such as benzene that can affect children's health over time. Wood, by contrast, is harmless and not easily damaged, so it doesn't create debris and other safety hazards during use.

Wooden Montessori toys are mostly made of natural wood, which makes them closer to their natural environment. Compared with plastic toys, wooden toys can make children feel the beauty of nature.

Moreover, wood is a renewable resource that can be grown and regenerated and can be recycled, greatly reducing its impact on the environment.

2. To promote the development of children in all their aspects

Many wooden Montessori toys require the use of hands and fingers for manipulation, such as jigsaw puzzles, insert boards, etc. These exercises promote hand-eye coordination and hand muscle development in children. In addition, wooden toys are relatively heavy in mass, which also AIDS in children's muscle development.

Many toys are designed to be complex and need children to think before they can be used step by step, which is helpful to promote children's cognitive development, exercise the thinking activity of the brain, so as to promote the overall physical and mental development of children.

montessori toy

3. Educational significance

Wooden Montessori toys are educational. The idea behind Montessori education is to help children build self-confidence, independent thinking and creativity through free exploration and discovery.

Wooden Montessori toys can help children discover the world in play and grasp the rules of the world by touching, feeling and exploring. And its texture, temperature and smell can stimulate children's senses and enhance their observation and creativity.

After reading the above analysis, the answer to the question of why wooden Montessori toys is obvious. Magicolor specializes in the production of wooden toys, among which the design of Montessori toys is also very brilliant, welcome to the website to buy.

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