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What Are The Early Education Toys Must Be Purchased

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Early education toys refer to a class of toys specially designed for 0-3 years old infants and toddlers, which can help infants and toddlers develop various abilities in games. These toys can provide a variety of stimulation and challenges to help infants learn useful skills. Here are some common early education toys that must be purchased.

Visually stimulating toys

Visual stimulation toys can help infants develop visual skills and improve cognition and spatial imagination.

1. Activity Cube: A multifunctional children's toy, usually composed of six faces, each with a different element of activity. It exercises their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Through continuous manipulation, children can improve the flexibility and coordination of the fingers and thus better grasp the control of the fingers.

Activity cube

2. Interactive cloth book: Interactive cloth book is a toy with visual and auditory stimulation that can help babies learn new words, colors, shapes and other basic concepts.

3. Hand bells: Hand bells allow babies to control their own sounds and rhythms, helping them develop hearing and hand coordination.

Activity fitness equipment

Activity fitness equipment is one of the most important tools for infant sports development, which can help them build muscle, improve coordination and balance. Common activities and fitness equipment include:

1. Baby Gym: It's a toy that can be hung from a crib to help build muscle and cognitive abilities, as well as a visual and auditory stimulator.

2. Rocking chair: Rocking chairs allow babies to lie down or sit comfortably to soothe emotions and promote restful sleep. At the same time, babies exercise their balance and coordination while rocking.

Auditory stimulation toys

Auditory stimulation toys can help infants and young children develop auditory skills, improve music appreciation and language learning.

1. Music box: A music box is a small musical device that emits soft melodies and sounds to help soothe the baby's mood, as well as a visual and auditory stimulator.

Pounding Bench

2. Pounding toys: Toys that help children exercise and promote sensory development are usually made of a variety of materials, such as wood, plastic, metal, etc. Children are required to tap with a hand-held object, which exercises their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. In the process of tapping the toy, children can hear different sounds and feel different touch, thus deepening the knowledge of sound and touch.

In addition, there are many types of early education toys for parents to choose from. Magicolor's website has a variety of wooden early education toys that parents can choose according to their needs.

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