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What Are Push And Pull Toddler Toys

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A push and pull toddler toy is a toy that helps babies learn to walk, both to provide support during the learning process and to improve the child's physical coordination and movement.

There are many kinds of push and pull toddler toys. The following introduces several common push and pull toddler toys.

1. Baby Walker

Wooden baby walker is an old and classic type of strollers. It is made of natural wood, the wheels are usually made of rubber or hard plastic, and the wheels are wrapped with rubber sleeves or rubber tires to ensure smooth operation and good shock absorption. Wooden baby strollers are made of natural wood, which is non-toxic and harmless and will not have a negative impact on the health of the baby.

2. Balance Bike

balance bike

The balance bike is a bicycle designed for children. Instead of pedals and pedals, the child pushes with both feet. The main purpose of this bike is to help children learn balance and master the basic skills of cycling, which will lay the foundation for riding a real bike in the future. Lightweight and portable, the balance bike can be used outdoors and indoors. It is suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 5. It is a good helper for children to develop healthy exercise and explore nature.

3. Activity Walker

A activity walker is an aid to help a baby learn to walk. It usually consists of a frame, four wheels, and a seat with adjustable height. A mobile walker allows a child to move and explore their surroundings more freely, while also working on the child's balance and gait. Because they are light and easy to carry, they are ideal for parents to use outdoors and indoors with their children. When using it, parents need to monitor their children's safety at all times and avoid using it in unsafe places.

4. Pull Toys

Pull toy is a child's toy that usually consists of a body and a rope that the child can pull along or the body can be dragged along. The toy helps with hand coordination and balance, as well as improving the child's hands-on and observational skills. Pull toys have a wide variety of shapes and sizes, can be animals, vehicles, figures and so on, suitable for children of different ages to use.

In conclusion, pushing and pulling toddler toys can not only promote the coordinated development of infants' bodies.

It can improve their balance ability, but also enhance their cognitive ability to the external environment. While providing opportunities for play and exploration, babies and toddlers feel happy and fulfilled.

Push and pull toddler toys are important and indispensable toys for infants and young children during their growth process, which can help them grow and develop better.

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