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The Effect Of Building Block Toys On Children

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When children reach a certain age, they begin to use their rich curiosity and imagination. At this time, parents should choose a suitable building block toy for their children.

Building block toys are the best early education toys to cultivate and exercise children's intelligence. It provides more opportunities to give play to children's imagination and creativity.

The children should think about what they want to put up before putting up, to observe and think about what kind of wooden block modeling can constitute the image he conceived, so it is a good exercise for children's imagination, structural thinking and modeling ability, and can develop children's spatial perception ability and creativity.

wooden blocks

The specific role of building block toys on children can be divided into the following six aspects:

1. Playing with blocks can train children's concentration.

When playing with building blocks, the child will concentrate on assembling, the child's attention is focused on the building blocks. It's good for kids to focus.

2. Develop children's spatial imagination ability.

Playing building blocks in the process of children assembling, the brain should first have shape structure, can improve the children's space imagination.

3. Develop children's hand-brain coordination.

In the process of building Lego, children can exercise their coordination ability and promote brain development.

4. Build patience.

Some of the playing blocks are very complex, children must have enough patience to assemble successfully. Children in order to complete the content of assembly, must be completed step by step, can cultivate children's patience.

5. It can cultivate children's creative ability and develop children's intelligence.

Some children do not according to the drawings, spell out their own imaginary shape, can improve the child's creative ability, the development of children's intelligence is helpful.

6. It can reduce the time children spend playing electronic products and reduce the harm of electronic products to children.

Building blocks have many benefits for children. As long as parents control their children's playing time and play after completing their learning tasks, they will not affect their children's learning. Because the product does not have the above advantages, in a sense, to learn and help.


Building block toys are children's play intimate partner, is an important teaching AIDS to educate children, it is conducive to promote the overall development of children's body and mind.

Accumulation is helpful to develop intelligence, training children's hand-eye coordination, the arrangement of building blocks, joint, ring, symmetry and so on are good for children's intelligence. When building blocks, children must involve in proportion, symmetry and other issues, which is conducive to the early cultivation of children's concept of number. Learning through play is most effective for children, and it would be a great pity if a child lacked experience with building blocks.

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