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The Difference Between Regular Blocks And Puzzle&Blocks

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Regular building blocks: Usually composed of blocks of various shapes, which can be used to build houses, assemble into various machines or figures.

Puzzle&blocks: Generally incorporate educational knowledge, including letters, numbers, shapes, etc. According to certain combinations, it can be assembled into different shape models and scenes. According to the structure space can be divided into three dimensional puzzle and plane puzzle two categories.

First of all, introduce the advantages of puzzle toys:

alphabet blocks

1. Knowledge

Hand and brain, development of intelligence, training geometric sense of space, to children's intellectual development is very helpful;

2. Fun

There are many kinds of puzzles, vivid images, and the implied meaning of the products are based on things that children are interested in, so that children will not let go.

3. Decorative

After the completion of the three-dimensional puzzle is a good decoration, can be placed on the desk, coffee table and other places, the plane puzzle can be hung on the wall, because they are their own creation, the meaning of course is different.

4. Creativity

You can use your imagination on the finished piece, paint it in different colors, and it becomes a unique piece of art.

Secondly, the role of puzzle toys for children is also not reflected by ordinary building blocks.

1. puzzle toys can effectively promote children's vision development.

Puzzle toys are mostly bright colors, a variety of patterns, can effectively attract children's eyes, children will play with this toy intently staring at the puzzle to think, so, promote the development of children's vision.

wooden blocks

2. Puzzle toys can effectively exercise children's logical thinking ability.

Children playing puzzle toys will use the brain, will observe, will try, these a series of actions are from the child's logical thinking ability, so, puzzle toys for the development of children's logical thinking ability is very good.

3. Puzzle toys can cultivate children's patience and focus.

Many children may find jigsaw puzzles boring and not fun at first, but slowly, with the child's step by step success, jigsaw puzzles will greatly stimulate the child's interest and ability.

When a child does a puzzle, they actually practice reading and writing skills and problem solving and hands-on skills. From birth to adulthood, a child needs to learn a lot of knowledge and skills. Listening, speaking, reading and writing are the four key elements of language learning. It is the focus of children's training in childhood.

Therefore, puzzle&blocks toys are very suitable for children to play educational toys, its operability is relatively high, and the effect is more obvious, the ability of children to improve is in many aspects.

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