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Recommended Wooden Musical Instruments Toys For Children Under 6 Years Old

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Wooden musical instrument toys are one of the most popular children's toys because the sound they make is very pleasing to the ear. They also help children develop musical and artistic skills in entertainment, promote hand-eye coordination, and improve intelligence and learning ability.

This article will recommend some wood instrument toys for children under 6 years old that are safe, easy to use and appropriate for this age group.

1. Wooden Maracas

Wooden maracas is a very popular traditional South American instrument. They consist of two wooden spheres, which are usually covered in colorful prints. The spheres are filled with small particles, probably small beads or metal balls.

The handle of Maracas produces a gentle rustling sound when shaken by the hand, and children can grasp it with their palms and shake it to create different rhythmic and musical effects.

2. Wooden xylophone

The wooden xylophone is a very popular instrument that helps children develop musical and artistic skills.

The keys are usually colored and arranged in a regular order of length and length to help children memorize the tones and rhythms of the music. Children can learn musical skills and develop expert and eye coordination by playing the wooden xylophone.

wooden xylophone toy

3. Wooden drumming

The wooden singing drum is a very popular musical instrument toy suitable for children up to 6 years old.

They consist of a wooden barrel body and a long wooden handle attached to it. Children can use their palms or thumbs to strike the drum body or rotate the long wooden handle to produce different tones and sound effects. Children can release their unhappy emotions and build up their arm strength while playing the drum.

4. Wooden Musical Workbench

The Wooden Music tool Table is a very interesting and creative instrument toy, its design is inspired by the real tool table, which has various musical props, each of which can make a musical sound.

They are usually composed of wooden structures, keys, percussion instruments, bells and other parts, and children can play different instruments on the music tool table to create unique musical effects.

This instrument toy can not only help children develop musical and artistic skills, but also stimulate children's interest and love for music, opening a door for them to enter the music world.

5. Wooden accordion

The wooden accordion is a popular instrument suitable for young children. Children can play music by pressing different keys and learn basic tone and musical skills.

Wooden accordions can also help children improve their finger dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Music Instruments

6. Wooden whistles

The wooden whistle is a simple instrument suitable for infants and toddlers, who can learn how to play wooden whistles even before they can speak. Because they are easy to learn, they are also very affordable for parents, who don't have to worry about children not using them much and wasting them.

Wooden whistles help children master basic tones and rhythms, laying the groundwork for formal Musical Instruments later on.

All in all, these wooden instruments toys are perfect for children under 6 years old. They can help children develop musical and artistic skills and improve hand-eye coordination. They are also very safe, easy to use, and affordable, making them a good choice for children's toys.

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