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Puzzle&Blocks Are Suitable For Children Of What Age To Start Playing

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It is well known that puzzles and building blocks are particularly suitable toys for children. Not only to the child's left and right brain coordination ability is helpful, but also to strengthen hand coordination ability training.

Building block toys can be tried after children 8 months, but the complexity of the puzzle is higher, especially suitable for children over 3 years old, at the beginning to give children a simple puzzle, such as skilled later slowly changed into a slightly more complex, and so on.

Starting at 8 months, you can buy your baby a block toy, starting with a block panel.

In the process of playing with the panel, the baby's small hand grasp, pinch action and hand-eye coordination ability can be greatly developed, but also gradually establish the perception of size and shape. Being able to fit the panels correctly is quite a challenge for babies.

As the baby is more and more familiar with this toy, the action is more and more skilled, parents can play with the baby gradually input color, shape name, can also gradually increase the difficulty of the game.

infant plays blocks

After the age of 1, you can try hand grab board, rainbow building blocks and other types of toys. 

Most children's contact with jigsaw puzzles begins with the grasp board, because the small handle is easy for children to grasp. The introduction of age is basically consistent with the children's understanding of the graphic stage of development, it is suggested to start from the regular graphics, such as triangle, square; After the transition to irregular graphics, you can choose the theme that children are interested in, such as cars, sea creatures, etc.

When children are about 3 years old, wooden puzzles are suitable for children to start learning numbers, letters and other knowledge.

 At the age of 3, children enter the stage of budding creativity. At this stage, you can start to choose more difficult building blocks or puzzles, such as letter blocks, shape classification blocks, number puzzles, etc. Parents can read the instructions with their children and complete the construction together.

When the child is older, at the age of 5-6, if the baby in this age group often has contact with puzzles, in fact, has accumulated enough puzzle experience. They are also more assertive in their choice of puzzle patterns, able to sort and rank puzzles in their own way, and like things that are more challenging.

Buying suggestions: You can choose some more difficult puzzles for children, puzzles of up to 500 pieces is not a problem, at the same time some 3D diorama puzzle is also a good choice.

Puzzle&blocks are the most suitable toys for children and can stay with them for almost their entire childhood, so parents need to choose the right toys for them at different ages.

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