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Key Factors To Consider When Choosing a Wooden Montessori Toy

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Montessori's educational philosophy emphasizes the cultivation of children's autonomy, creativity and desire for inquiry, and wooden Montessori toys are an important embodiment of this concept. When choosing a wooden Montessori toy, there are many elements to consider, otherwise it is impossible to choose the right toy for your child.

Here's what to consider when choosing a wooden Montessori toy.

1: Security

Children's safety is the most important consideration when choosing wooden Montessori toys. Wooden Montessori toys need to meet national safety and manufacturing standards and not have any sharp corners or dangerous small parts.

Also, it is important to note that children may put wooden Montessori toys in their mouths when using them, so wooden Montessori toys need to be made of non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials.

montessori toy

2. Materials and Quality

When choosing wooden Montessori toys, we should choose models made of high quality natural wood to ensure durability and safety.

Natural wood has the characteristics of clear texture, good hand feel and not easy to deform, which will not cause any harm to children's body and health.

In addition, it is important to note that wooden Montessori toys should not be made from low quality materials such as artificial panels, which may have adverse effects on children's bodies and health.

3. Function and Use

The function and use of wooden Montessori toys should also be in line with the developmental needs and interests of children. Toys should not only be used for entertainment, but also provide educational and guiding functions and become a helper in the growing process of children.

These toys should be able to capture children's attention, stimulate their curiosity, and develop their creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

4. Age Appropriate

Wooden Montessori toys should be selected according to the age and ability of the child, which I mentioned in another article. If you are interested, check out Magicolor's website.

If the choice of toys is too simple, children may feel bored and disappointed; If the toy chosen is too complex, the child may feel defeated and helpless. Therefore, children of different ages have different needs for toys, choose the right toys to reflect its maximum effect.

montessori toy

5. Aesthetic Value

Generally speaking, aesthetic value is the appearance of the toy design. The aesthetic value of wooden Montessori toys is an important element. These toys should have a simple, elegant and ergonomic design that children can easily manipulate and master.

When children have no knowledge to assist judgment, the beauty of the appearance of toys is the most easy to attract children. Toys that are dark in color or ugly in design often fail to attract children's interest.

6. Diversity and Comprehensiveness

The variety and comprehensiveness of wooden Montessori toys also need to be considered.

If there is only one way to play a toy, then no accident, a few days will be abandoned by the child. Because children's patience is limited, just like adult activities, the more diverse and rich activities can make people stay longer.

Safety, material and quality, function and use, appropriate age, aesthetic value, variety and comprehensiveness are the key factors influencing the selection of wooden Montessori toys. Parents should only choose around the six points so that children can get the most desirable toys.

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