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Innovative Wooden Children's Furniture Product Design

Views: 38     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-10-12      Origin: Site

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Today, I will share with you several wooden children's furniture design cases, each of which is creative and practical.

Toys and furniture integration of wooden children's furniture design

How to make people enjoy the fun of life and stimulate vitality in the indoor space?

This wooden furniture design for children is a product design that combines the concept of toys and furniture. It saves space, has fun experiences and new possibilities for interaction, and children can feel it through their senses, and don't get bored of playing with toys too quickly!

Play and fun furniture is designed to enhance children's desire for indoor activities by stimulating the senses. The feeling of being outdoors, such as balance, movement and coordination, is incorporated into the design of the product. Just like in the gym, the park, and activity class. Through the functional redesign of furniture, children can also experience the fun of being outdoors at home.

Highlights of product design:

1. This wooden children's furniture can be used in different scenarios: reading, writing or reading;

2. Hollowed out handles in suitable locations can improve safety, ergonomics and provide ease of use when the product needs to be flipped or lifted.

activity table

Puzzle assembly of children's furniture design

Patchwork wooden children's furniture is designed for children to assemble furniture, which is assembled like a jigsaw puzzle and follows the principles of sustainable design.

The designers hope to increase the height with the extender so that the product can grow with children as it is used. Patchwork wooden children's furniture is designed with the idea that it can be assembled by children with the help of adults.

On the one hand, it teaches the child causality: if it's not put together correctly, it won't fit together. On the other hand, the design also helps children understand the most basic logic of number order.

When children are able to participate in the making of their own furniture, they may also develop more emotion for it, and these pieces of furniture assembled by their own hands will get more recognition from children and have a longer life cycle in their hands.

Detachable wooden children's bed

A wooden bed with detachable side rails that can be adjusted as the child grows.

The head and feet of the bed can be customized in different shapes and colors to suit your child's preferences. In addition, storage space can be added to the bottom of the bed, such as drawers or partitions.

The design of the detachable wooden crib allows parents to adjust the size of the bed according to the age and size of the child so that the bed can be used throughout the child's growing years. It is a practical children's furniture design that can provide a safe, comfortable and flexible sleeping environment for children.

The above three examples of children's wooden furniture are designed to demonstrate the diversity and practicality of wooden children's furniture. You can tailor it to your child's needs and preferences to create a comfortable, safe and fun space for them.

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