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History Of The Development Of Wooden Montessori Toys

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Montessori toy is a kind of educational toy, which originates from the educational theory and practice of Italian doctor Maria Montessori.

Wooden Montessori toys are the most representative class of toys in Montessori education. They are usually made of natural materials, including wood, silk, cotton, etc., and have high aesthetic and educational value.

Wooden Montessori toys are characterized by simple design, bright colors, regular shapes, clear uses and natural materials.

The purpose is to let children explore and learn independently through their own senses, observation and practice, so as to develop self-confidence, focus, independence, creativity, etc.

The development of wooden Montessori toys can be traced back to the late 19th century, when Italian doctor Maria Montessori began researching children's education and opened the first Montessori school in Rome in 1907.

Originally, it was to help with rehabilitation training for children with mental disabilities. Later, she gradually discovered that these teaching AIDS can also be applied to the education of normal children. With the continuous development and improvement of the concept of Montessori education, wooden Montessori toys have been improved and innovated.

montessori toy

The earliest wooden Montessori toys included geometric puzzles, buckles, and chessboards.

These toys are mainly used to exercise children's basic skills such as visual and tactile perception, hand coordination, attention and patience.

With the further development of Montessori's educational concept, more and more wooden toys have been created, such as ribbon matching for small movements, graded fractal building blocks, nature simulation models, sound, weight and taste sensing toys, weaving, weaving, sewing, embroidery, etc.

As the idea of Montessori education spread and developed, more and more wooden Montessori toys were designed and manufactured. For example, "tower", "cube", "spiral", "jigsaw" and so on, these toys have a specific shape and purpose and can help children learn different concepts and skills.

Because these wooden toys are usually made of natural wood, they are very safe and environmentally friendly for children.

The design of modern wooden Montessori toys is also evolving.

For example, some toys add complex mechanical structures that can exercise children's hand-eye coordination and creativity; Some toys incorporate elements such as numbers, letters and languages to help children learn subjects such as language and math.

Today, wooden Montessori toys have become one of the most important parts of a Montessori education. Even though the toy market continues to innovate and expand, the categories become more and more rich, but wooden Montessori toys always have a place.

They are widely used in Montessori schools around the world and not only promote self-exploration and discovery in children, but also foster their creativity and imagination. Meanwhile, wooden Montessori toys have gradually become an important category in the global children's toy market.

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