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Five Safety Tips For Wooden Children's Furniture

Views: 49     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-10-31      Origin: Site

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Wooden children's furniture is a furniture product for children under 12 years old. In recent years, the market of wooden children's furniture is hot. Furniture customized for children, such as supporting chair, desk, kitchen and crib, has gradually become the new favorite of parents.

Therefore, wood children furniture unqualified harm must be paid attention to.

Children lively and active, strong curiosity, low safety awareness, if the home has a sharp dangerous corner, easy to cause bumps, bruises and other direct injuries. The holes and gaps in the furniture are not up to standard and children may dig their fingers into these gaps and get stuck causing injury. If the static load test of the furniture base does not meet the structural safety requirements, when children use the furniture, the corresponding parts are easy to damage or fall off, resulting in the instability of the base, if it is the seat will cause children to fall down from the seat. Warning labels can alert children and parents to unknown risks and protect children's safety.

At present, more than half of parents buy wood children's furniture is the most concerned about environmental protection and safety issues, 40% of parents will choose solid wood children's furniture, and function and color is followed by, in the end is the brand and after-sales.

wooden kids’house

From the point of view of child injury prevention, no matter whether the purchase is children's furniture, as long as there are children, parents should consider the safety of furniture from these characteristics:

The first is load-bearing and stability. Wooden children's furniture is different from the furniture used by adults. The furniture sold on the market now tends to be light materials with general bearing capacity. Some cabinets with drawers may be toppled and accidental injuries may occur if they are opened and climbed on the drawers. For example, many children often use desks as stairs to climb, if not fixed, it is easy to hurt children. Therefore, if you choose lightweight furniture, it must be reinforced with fixed hooks and other measures.

The second is non-toxicity. Furniture must be non-toxic because children often touch it repeatedly with their hands or even their mouths. If the surface of furniture is leather, textile fabrics, etc., to choose formaldehyde content in line with national standards; If the furniture surface is coated, be sure to choose materials that meet the requirements of environmental protection or national standards.

Finally, foldability safety. This is an easy point for parents to overlook. Folding furniture includes furniture that claims to be "adjustable." Parents should also buy furniture with adjustable protection mechanisms. If it is not supported well, it will fold automatically, which may pinch children's fingers. When there are children in the home, folding furniture should have a secondary locking mechanism, even if the children occasionally encounter, will not be immediately folded up, to a large extent to avoid the risk of children's hands and feet being caught. In addition, folding furniture tension is larger, can not let the children just open.

At present, the evaluation index of the wooden children's furniture on the market is more complex and dazzling. 

Here are five safety tips for wooden children's furniture:

wooden table and chair

1. The external structure is wooden. Children's furniture corners should be rounded processing, choose the appearance of smooth, no sharp corners and sharp prominent structure is more safe. If hazardous protrusions are present, they shall be protected by appropriate means.

2. Check holes and gaps. Take children's bed as an example, one is the gap of furniture itself; Second, furniture placement and wall or other furniture gaps. Holes and gaps if not reasonable, children are easy to card, in extreme cases will even cause suffocation.

3. Enclosed furniture must have air vents. Parents should pay attention to the ventilation of each closed space of furniture in the home, most of the children's furniture vents are on the back, and pay attention to the gap between the wall and the vents when installing. Closed furniture covers, doors and similar devices should not be equipped with automatic locking devices to prevent children from being locked.

4. Avoid wood children's furniture with glass floors. Because the child's height is short, once the glass is broken, it is easy to cut the child.

5. Smell for the smell. Before picking furniture, open the cabinet door or smell its surface coating. If the smell is relatively strong or the coating material tastes particularly strong, it should be carefully selected.

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