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Factors To Consider When Choosing Early Education Toys

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Toys are the first textbook of children's life, but also a good friend of children's life, in their childhood growth process plays an important role. The choice of children's toys seems to be an insignificant "trivial matter", which contains a lot of scientific truth. What factors should parents consider when choosing early education toys for children? This article will be analyzed from two perspectives.

The following three factors should be considered according to the characteristics of the toy:

1. Safety of toys

When choosing toys for children, parents need to pay attention to whether the materials that make up the toys are toxic or not. If the toy itself is colored, but also pay attention to the color will not fall off, analyze whether the toy design is scientific and reasonable, safety is up to standard. Parents must check the toy surface marked with warning signs and its content, to buy toys produced by regular manufacturers.

2. Educational value of toys

Educators and psychologists have found that children's psychological development has three rules, that is, "psychological process from unconscious to conscious development, cognition from concrete to abstract, children's psychology is developed in activities", which more reflects the educational value of toys for children, so the educational value of toys should become one of the primary considerations for parents to choose toys for children.

When choosing toys, parents should consider the development value, cognitive value, emotional development value, personality development value, social interaction value and other factors, so as to ensure that children's physical and mental development.

3. The price of toys

The price of toys should also be a factor for parents to consider. Toys are not the more expensive the better, the more the better, parents should not because of love children's needs, which may encourage children's extravagance and waste and comparison psychology grow, but also because of the careless choice of toys, causing children unnecessary harm.

wooden education toy

Consider the following three factors according to the characteristics of children:

1. The age of children

When buying toys, some parents realize that their children have different hobbies at different ages, but they are often at a loss when it comes to helping their children choose toys according to their age. Therefore, parents should read the instructions carefully before buying toys, pay attention to whether there are age restrictions on the instructions, and should buy toys that match the age of the baby.

2. Gender of children

Toy choice becomes gender-conscious at a certain stage of a child's development, not from birth, and children don't notice it until the age of three, when it starts to become gender-conscious. The time and specific state of gender orientation of children's toys are closely related to parents' educational ideas in family education. In other words, it is normal for a girl to like boys' toys before the age of three, because she is currently interested in everything, and if parents put too much emphasis on the gender of the toys during this period, it may prevent the baby from being exposed to and learning about other things.

3. Children's interests and personality

Most parents in the purchase of toys, should observe and summarize what children have interests, and combine these interests to choose toys. Parents must vary from person to person when choosing toys for children, choose different kinds of toys for children according to their interests and personality, in order to promote the development of children's good interests and personality.

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