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Different Age Groups Need To Buy Wooden Children's Furniture

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The design variety of wooden children's furniture is becoming more and more rich at the same time, the choice of parents is becoming more difficult. Let's classify children according to their different ages, and choose appropriate wooden children's furniture according to their different age groups.

0-2 years old:

Cribs and mattresses are a must. A wooden crib provides stable support and is strong and durable. Baby bassinies and lockers are also good choices, and the wood looks warm and cozy.

Wooden baby Exercise rack hanging toys can help babies stretch muscles, improve balance and coordination. The rack can be used as an activity center in the crib and an activity frame to promote movement for the baby. It can help babies develop muscles and a sense of balance, and provide different types of stimulation and entertainment.

Hanging a variety of puppets or small toys on the wooden frame can attract the attention of the baby and build hand and body strength.

2 to 6 years old:

Desks and chairs, as well as some storage furniture, such as wardrobes and bookshelves. At this age, children begin to learn and explore, and they need a safe and comfortable place to learn and create.

Children's tables and chairs suitable for children aged 2 to 6 years should have appropriate height and comfortable cushions to support them during study and play. It is best to choose wood materials that are easy to clean for easy cleaning and maintenance.

It is also necessary to purchase a children's toy box, which should have enough storage space and be easy for the child to open and close by himself. It is best to choose a toy box with a safety lock to prevent accidental injury to your child.

High quality wooden children's furniture can meet the needs of children, and their appearance is beautiful, can enhance the overall decorative effect of the room. For example, makeup tables, children's tables and chairs are suitable for this age group.

activity table

Ages 6-12:

Children at this age need a room where they can grow and learn. Wooden study tables and chairs should fit their height and posture, and bookshelves and drawer lockers can help children better manage and organize their belongings.

Choosing a good quality wood will ensure that the furniture is strong and durable.

Over 12 years old:

As children enter their teenage years, they need more private space to think and grow independently.

In addition to the above suggestions, a queen-size bed, a wardrobe and a locker can meet their needs. Choosing high quality wooden children's furniture can bring beautiful appearance, durability and long term value.

This article divides children into four age groups, introduces the wooden children's furniture that needs to be bought in different age groups, hoping to provide some inspiration for you who are buying. Also welcome to the Magicolor website for our selection of sculptured and functional wooden children's furniture for sale.

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