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Comparison Of Mainstream Teaching System And Montessori Model

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In recent years, with the improvement of social development and economic level, parents pay more and more attention to children's education. With the increasingly developed and rapid development of science and technology, the traditional way of education has begun to adapt to more changes and challenges.

Therefore, the famous Montessori education method is gradually gaining greater popularity and attention. Many people believe that the Montessori method is better than the mainstream teaching methods in the communication industry in the development of children's potential and ability, and the choice of wooden Montessori toys is better for children's growth.

So how does the mainstream teaching system differ from the Montessori model?

1. Prepare your child for a learning environment, not a teacher-centered one

Based on the observed differences between Montessori education and traditional education, Montessori classrooms and wooden Montessori toys were prepared in advance. They include student-centered courses and activities. The traditional classroom is a teacher-centered class or activity.

2. Active versus passive

montessori toy

The Montessori curriculum is practical and active, advocating that students discover information for themselves, and students can choose their own wooden Montessori toys or teaching AIDS. The traditional school curriculum is usually taught to students who passively listen, recite, and take tests.

3. Give students plenty of free time

In a Montessori classroom, children can keep learning for as long as they need to and avoid interruptions whenever possible. In a traditional classroom, time limits are set by a school schedule.

4. Teachers have different roles

Montessori teachers provide guidance and counseling to students on a one-to-one basis. They help each child follow his or her own learning path and achieve true individualized teaching. In traditional education, teachers must teach the same lessons to all students at the same pace and in the same order.

5. Offer a more adaptable program

The Montessori curriculum is expanded to accommodate the needs of the students. While the traditional curriculum does not take into account the needs of students, the curriculum content is fixed for many years.

6. Students can adjust their learning pace according to the actual situation

In a Montessori classroom, each child's progress is respected and encouraged. The traditional classroom requires all children to learn at the same pace.

montessori toy

7. Encourage your child to develop genuine endogenous self-esteem

Montessori understood that children's self-esteem comes from an inner pride in their own accomplishments. In the traditional classroom, self-esteem is thought to come from outside judgment and affirmation.

8. Learn for love

The Montessori program is designed to appeal to a child's natural thirst for knowledge, so that children learn to love learning. The traditional curriculum focuses on standardized test scores,children learn because it is mandatory.

Through the comparison of the above 8 points, Montessori education method is more suitable for children with weak autonomy, who may not have high concentration or patience. In this case, wooden Montessori toys can be prepared for them first, and then they can receive relevant education, so as to maximize the educational results.

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