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Compare Different Types Of Wooden Montessori Toys

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The concept of Montessori education has been widely accepted and practiced, and Montessori toys, as an important part of it, have been paid more and more attention.

Wooden Montessori toys are becoming more and more popular because of their environmental protection, safety and educational characteristics. However, there are some notable differences between the different types of wooden Montessori toys.

This article will compare different types of wooden Montessori toys and analyze their advantages and disadvantages as well as the scope of application for your parents' reference.

The first is the puzzle class of wooden Montessori toys.

The main feature of puzzle wood Montessori toys is to help children develop their cognitive, hands-on and observational skills.

Puzzle wood Montessori toys can not only help children understand spatial relationships and size relationships, but also help children recognize different colors and shapes. Such toys include puzzle boards, shape puzzles, number puzzles, etc.

For example, a shape puzzle is made up of a large board and many different shaped pieces of wood. The child needs to place the block into the corresponding groove, and by observing the shape and size, the child exercises his hand-eye coordination and spatial cognition.

Shape puzzles are suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 4. Their easy-to-understand design and distinct colors and shapes make them easy to understand and learn. But shape puzzles are not interesting and children may lose interest if they reuse them for too long. Therefore, it should be combined with other types of toys for children.

The main feature of mock-ups wooden Montessori toys is to help children perceive and understand the outside world by simulating various objects in life.

montessori toy

Such toys include food models, animal models, vehicle models, appliance models and so on. These models are usually made of wood, moderate in size and realistic in texture, allowing children to understand the shape, color, material, function and other information of things through observation and touch.

There are also differences between different mock-ups of wood Montessori toys. For example, food models of wooden Montessori toys can be divided into fruit models, vegetable models, bread models, drink models, etc.

Different types of food models can not only help children know different kinds of food, but also teach them how to eat etiquette, how to classify food and so on.

In the wooden Montessori toys of animal models, the size, color and appearance of animals are also different. Children can gradually know different animals through observation, exploration and comparison.

These wooden Montessori toys are suitable for children between the ages of 4 and 6, who need more contact with the outside world and learn to feed and drink by themselves, so they can be very helpful.

In this article, the two types of toys are compared and analyzed. These two types of toys are suitable for children who have not yet entered primary school. With the simple guidance of parents, children can learn many essential knowledge of life with the help of wooden Montessori toys, which is undoubtedly a good helper of parents.

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