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Compare Different Types Of Puzzle&Blocks

Views: 61     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-04-11      Origin: Site

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In recent years, parents know that puzzle&block toys play an important role in the development of children's intelligence, hands-on skills, focus and innovation ability. As these toys become increasingly popular among children, manufacturers have designed jigsaw puzzle blocks with different shapes and functions, so the selection has become a difficult problem.

This paper will compare and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of various types of puzzle blocks, and introduce the common puzzle blocks on the market one by one.

1.Jumbo Knob Puzzle

Advantages: The big round nail is convenient to handle, suitable for younger children, for jigsaw puzzle experience.

Disadvantages: Not suitable for older children, short shelf life.

For children around 10 months and a year old, the simple Puzzle game is more like a Match game. Large round nail grip-board puzzles use large wooden materials that children can bite or gnaw on; Big round nail is convenient for children to handle, exercise the fine movement of the hand; Puzzles have corresponding pictures or colors on the backboard, which greatly reduces the difficulty. You can start with 3 pieces and gradually progress to 5 pieces or more.

shape sorter

2.Chunky Puzzle

Advantages: Easy to handle jigsaw puzzle pieces, a variety of ways to help children understand shapes, letters, etc.

Disadvantages: The domestic market can choose the quality of the theme is less, the design content is relatively simple.

A large-bottomed puzzle is a puzzle with large, thick pieces that are easy for children to reach. Some puzzle pieces can even stand up and be used as props for children's games. The subjects are mostly cognitive, like shapes, letters, numbers, etc.

3.Cube/Block Puzzle

Advantages: Helps children understand patterns and stimulates creativity.

Disadvantages: Uneven pattern drawing style of building blocks, fewer hints, difficult for children.

The material of hexahedral puzzle is mainly wood, usually 4 pieces, 9 pieces, 16 pieces, rich themes, bright colors, both like a puzzle and three-dimensional building blocks. Because there is no interlocking jigsaw tooth hint, hexahedral jigsaw puzzle requires a high understanding of the pattern, it is recommended to start playing from a small number and a high degree of pattern differentiation.

4. Open Puzzles

Advantages: Many combinations, color, shape perception. Stimulate creativity.

Disadvantages: The spelling is more abstract, not as attractive as the specific pattern puzzle.

The simplest open jigsaw puzzle is the traditional toy tangram, 12 puzzle board, etc., not limited to the specific spelling, purely rely on the free combination of jigsaw pieces to present the pattern, children can enjoy the creativity and imagination. There are now more variations on these open puzzles, adding more shapes and colors.

alphabet blocks

5. Rainbow Building Blocks

Advantages: Bright colors, attractive to children, rich and varied play.

Disadvantages: Requires creativity, too young to focus.

Rainbow building blocks as a more popular building block toys in recent years, in addition to some official modeling, you can also diy into a variety of shapes and play, but lack of patience for low age babies, limited appeal.

Here are only five common puzzle building toys, there are many types to choose from, according to the age and personality of the child to choose the most suitable type.

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