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Colorful Puzzle&Blocks Can Help Children Develop Color Recognition Skills

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The ability to recognize colors begins at 1 to 3 months after birth. Children can distinguish red and green colors first, followed by blue and yellow. Because children's brains are not fully developed, they can only distinguish bright colors. Different colors can stimulate the baby's neural vision, but also affect the child's character formation.

Therefore, it is particularly important to select colorful toys for children. As the most popular puzzle&blocks for children, we should pay more attention to the collocation of colors.

Harmonious and beautiful colors can usually give people visual enjoyment of beauty, while strong stimuli, messy colors will make people have visual fatigue, and destroy people's mood. Therefore, it is the same for children. If children live in an environment of visual fatigue for a long time, their physical and mental health will be seriously affected.

colorful puzzle

Here are some colorful puzzle blocks for younger children:

1.Color Letter Puzzle

It can exercise children's logical order ability, know the order of 26 letters, but also can remember the alphabetic order according to the color.

2. Rainbow Building Blocks

Feel the beauty of the rainbow, its color collocation can make people happy, forget the sadness, not only for children, adults can also enjoy it.

3. Color Shape Sorter

It helps 1-2 year olds identify size, perceive quantity, discriminate colors, touch lumps and lumps, and exercises observation and hand-eye coordination.

Color plays an important role in children's mental health and personality development.

Eyes are the window of a child's soul, and color is the most popular element in this window. Australian psychologist Werner's experiment proved that: children, especially preschool children, for things to know, discrimination, choice, is based on the color has strong appeal to the vision. The purer, more saturated colors are, the more visually stimulating they are. Such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and other visual sensitive colors, easy to attract the attention of children.

In early education, the choice of colorful puzzle&blocks is very conducive to the development of the baby's discrimination, appreciation, beauty perception, imagination, painting ability.

In addition, it is easier for babies to develop good observation skills and habits by recognizing colors. As they continue to make sense of their environment, bright colors stimulate interest and give them a sense of initial recognition of the world.

colorful puzzle&blocks

However, the color is too bright, also does not conform to the principle of scientific application of color; Similarly, if the color is too monotonous, inflexible, will also make children produce visual fatigue. Therefore, the color design of puzzle&blocks should start from a scientific point of view, match the colors conducive to the healthy development of children's body and mind, apply in line with the scientific applicable principle of color, play a certain role in promoting the cultivation of children's good character, but also develop children's color recognition ability.

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