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Choose The Right Puzzle&Blocks For Children According To Different Ages

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Now the puzzle&blocks have many materials and functions, providing children with more ways to play and space, but also to help children through different ways to increase the fun of playing and develop intelligence, almost all parents agree that puzzle building toys play an important role in children's growth.

Children of different ages play different blocks.

Next, we will introduce the play of puzzle&blocks to children according to different ages.

Under 1 year old: see pictures and recognize objects, exercise the senses.

Children under the age of one are still very new to the world. At this time, his consciousness has not been formed and he should feel the world more. Parents can choose some puzzle blocks with animal, fruit, numbers and other patterns, more colorful for children to play. You can let the child simply carry the blocks, exercise the limbs, can also teach him to see the picture recognize objects, let the child point out the corresponding pattern of blocks. In addition to exercising the senses, these methods also develop a child's sense of touch without worrying about getting hurt by blocks or accidentally eating them in their mouth.

1-3 years old: distinguish shapes and practice thinking.

At this stage, children's brains begin to develop rapidly, and they gradually form some spatial and divergent thinking. Children also have some preliminary understanding of the geometric shapes that make up the world. Parents can choose from a number of wooden puzzle blocks with different geometric shapes. When playing with parents, they can also combine the objects at home to remind children of the shape of building blocks, and exercise children's divergent thinking in the process of playing.

Ages 3-4: Build a house and stretch your imagination.

At this age, the child's personal consciousness is formed, the practical ability is significantly improved, and the construction skills are becoming more mature. Parents can provide him with jigsaw puzzle pieces with more complex ideas and more numbers. The blocks can also be affixed with stickers to make the "roof" look more like a roof, allowing children to use their imagination freely. At the same time, parents should guide their children to use their imagination and help them solve problems, such as what kind of house needs more blocks and how to build a house with the least number of blocks.

young girl plays blocks

Ages 4-7: Get into the situation and be creative.

At this stage, children's spatial concept, thinking, imagination and language communication ability have become increasingly mature. The choice of good puzzle building toys can lay a solid foundation for children's extensive personal abilities. In addition to matching the building blocks, children will also give their works a story and build a fairy tale world.

Finally, children over the age of seven were allowed to choose which puzzle&blocks they liked. 

After the age of 7, children have a certain ability to think independently and have their own views on the world. At this time, only by letting them make choices according to their own hobbies can children's interest in toys be stimulated to the greatest extent.

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